Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Precinct - Central Energy Plant

Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Precinct – Central Energy Plant


CMS Engineering is committed to the provision of a quality product on every project undertaken.

A quality assurance system in accordance with AS9002-1994 has been developed and introduced to formalise this commitment.


The overall wellbeing of our staff and sub-contractors is of great importance to CMS Engineering. Ensuring their safety is an essential requirement of our business and is reflected in our OH&S policy. A copy can be obtained via email simply by contacting us.


CMS Engineering is committed to a harmonious work environment.

Since our establishment in 1992, we have avoided any involvement in industrial disputes and pride ourselves on this record.


CMS Engineering is acutely aware of its responsibility to protect the environment.

The Company has a detailed Environmental Policy, a copy of which can obtained via email by contacting us.


In today’s economic environment, it is imperative for businesses to recognize their corporate responsibility. CMS Engineering is aware of the importance to trade in an ethical manner and to comply with the Trades Practices Act.

To ensure these responsibilities are clearly understood by our staff members, a compliance program has been designed and implemented, and is reviewed by a third party consultancy on a regular basis.